California Energy Commission (CEC) Regulation

Many products offered for sale in California are regulated under The California Energy Commission’s Appliance Efficiency Regulations (California Code of Regulations, Title 20, Sections 1601-1608) often referred to as “Title 20.”

As of July 1, 2015, it is illegal to sell or offer for sale, in California, any regulated products in the categories outlined below that are not registered in the CEC database.

Plumbing fittings and fixtures (includes toilets, faucets, aerators and showerheads); Dishwashers; Refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, and freezers; Water heaters; Clothes washers and dryers; Lighting products; Air conditioners, heaters, and fans; Battery charger systems; Cooking products and food service equipment; Electric motors; Pool and spa equipment; Televisions, consumer and video equipment.

California energy emission table

More information on this regulation can also be found by clicking on this link to the PDF.